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Afterschool enrichment


2019-2020 After-school enrichment classes program  Program Details

Program Features


❑ Variety topics  多样课程


❑ Additional extend care  课后另外提供额外的 CARE

Small group lesson 小班制


1.Fine art and origami  折纸

与绘画艺术(4-6yrs old)

Origami & Fine Art

2.Creative art 启蒙绘画(3-4yrs old)





Music I

Vocal practice and

keyboard II


Chinese Sinology (I, II)


Children Dance


课程分为两个班 3-4 岁绘画 启蒙班,旨在开发孩子的想 象力,涉及到不同表现手 法,油画棒,水粉,剪纸手 工结合绘画。 4-6 岁班主要以幼儿基础国 画,手工折纸结合的手工艺 术作品(需要过去有一定的 绘画启蒙基础) The course is divided into two classes, the 3-4 year old painting enlightenment class, which aims to develop children's imagination, involving different expression techniques, oil pastels, gouache, and papercut manual painting.

The 4-6 year old class mainly uses children's basic Chinese painting, hand-made origami combined with hand-made works of art (a certain painting enlightenment skills required)


寓教于乐针对幼儿学习 特点的数学思维能力的 培养和训练。其中包括科 学实验,乐高搭建创意, 数字逻辑游戏以及适龄 的工程小项目 The cultivation and training of mathematics thinking ability for the characteristics of children's learning. These include scientific experiments, LEGO building ideas, digital logic games and ageappropriate engineering projects.


介绍简单的音乐常识, 练习发声,听音,并且 开始学习键盘,乐谱, 对于促进幼儿大脑的发 育,左右脑的配合,对 声音的理解都有不可否 认的帮助。 Listening, hearing, singing, and playing the music can incredibly stimulate children’s skill development. The class will teach basic keyboard on piano, besides the ear practice and vocal practice will be guided to children during the class.


中国文化渊源流长,幼儿国学课程 汇集了唐诗宋词诵读,三字经赏 析,书法浅尝,茶道礼仪,幼儿国 学故事,识字写字等教学内容 The Chinese culture has a long history. The Chinese studies course brings together Tang and Song poetry readings, three-character, calligraphy, tea ceremony etiquette, children's Chinese stories, literacy and other teaching contents.


幼儿舞蹈课可以培养儿 童协调性,节奏感,音 乐理解以及自我表现力 以及团队合作精神。课 程涵盖芭蕾基础,舞蹈 游戏,节奏训练等。 Children's dance classes can develop children's coordination, rhythm, music understanding and self-expression and teamwork spirit. The course covers ballet foundations, dance games, rhythm training and more.



• No registration fee for BSA students


• One time registration fee $25 for non-BSA students

   (student who have left BSA over three months and new student)


• Materials cost are included


❖ Time 时间:4:30-5:15PM (5:15 以后可以继续加入 extend care)

❖ Address 地址:

BUILDING-A:1853 115th Ave NE, Bellevue 98004

BUILDING-B:   11419 NE 19th St. Bellevue, 98004


Contact Info: 4258945922 or


老师简历 Our Professional Instructor:

    Ms. Wu

    Ms. Wu is knowledgeable in a wide range of interests and knowledge, she has been taught Chinese in a different setting to different age group of kids for many years. Also, she studied Chinese painting for more than 7 years. She also studied calligraphy, watercolors, and decoration. Because of her special love for paper, she specializes in engraving, folding, cutting, and crafting various crafts. Ms. Wu has taught children's crafts for more than 10 years. At the same time, he teaches adult Chinese painting, decoration, cross stitch, and art in Tzu Chi. In addition to many years of teaching and practical experience, Mr. Wu also gained a lot of experience in training her three children. Her oldest one has become a licensed doctor. The other two children are now pursing for degrees in University of Washington. When her children were younger, Ms. Wu designed various intellectual games and digital games, which have been developed to help children train their thinking logic and hands-on skills and developing their brain skills for the characteristics of children.

  吴老师在加入阳光育才之前在其他学校教中文许多年,同时吴老师兴趣爱好广泛知识面丰富,她精修国画 7 年,喜好工笔以及壁画,同时学习了书法,水彩和剪纸,在过去的10年她教不同年龄段学生的手工。除了语言艺术外,吴老师同样擅长教学生数字以及逻辑思考游戏,她注重孩子能力和自信心的培养。除了多年的教学实践经验外,吴老师在培养她三个孩子上也获得了许多心得体会,老大已经成为了一名执照医生,老二老大现在华大攻读学位,在孩子小的时候吴老师就开发设计了许多智力游戏来帮助孩子训练他们的思维逻辑和动手能力。

  Ms. Fey

      Ms. Fey studied vocal music since she was 14 years old. I was a student of the famous Chinese vocalist Song Yi for four years. Later she went to the United States to study vocal music for Pam. She achieved her Master of Music at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Ms. Fey teaches piano and music theory since 2013. She designs targeted instruction to each child. Besides keyboard learning, she let students sing and do ear practice. By using nursery rhymes to make the clef learning fun, she is very liked by all her students.

  黄老师 14 岁时开始学习声乐。 在著名的声乐老师宋一的指导下获得声乐学士的学位。 来到美国以后继续在旧金山音乐学院学习并获得硕士学位。毕业前后在当地以及西雅图参加多次歌剧表演。在建立了自己的家庭并且有了可爱的宝贝以后她学习了幼儿教育并取得学位,开始研究将音乐,键盘的学习融入幼儿教育当中。在键盘教学中,黄老师会让小朋友同时学习乐理知识并且练习视唱练耳,利用孩子们喜爱的儿歌让小朋友快乐地学习五线谱及其他乐理知识。

  Ms. Judy

        Ms. Judy was a certified elementary school teacher. She worked as classroom teacher for 4 years teaching music, science, and math. Ms. Judy prefers to use visualized materials in her teaching which can help children quickly understand and process. She uses rhymes and songs to reinforce the key subjects. Ms. Judy has three children who had been through gifted programs and ten years of Chinese Saturday School.

         Judy老师热爱幼儿教学,在小学各年级任教多年,教学内容涉及科学,数学,音乐等等。 她还利用业余时间学习国学,书法,参加教会唱诗,同时将这些内容也加入教学当中。Judy老师擅长利用各种材料制作小朋友们喜爱的教具,把教学内容加入小朋友们耳熟能详的儿歌和童谣中,从而使孩子们在快乐游戏中掌握知识要点。

  Ms. Fang

     Ms. Fang enjoyed painting and dancing since childhood. She lead various activities from high school. She started foreign language education career right after she got her bachelor’s degree. In almost 20 years of teaching, she developed different methods on introducing Chinese culture and language learning. After completed the art courses in University at WA, she started teaching both paint and Chinese to young children at Chinese school. Ms. Fang has a novel idea and is good at guiding and inspiring the imagination of the child.


  王老师从小就热爱绘画与舞蹈,一直在学校担任与美术相关的活动。在从事十多年的对外汉语教学中, 王老师对幼儿, 学龄儿童以及成人的汉语教学以及中国文化的传播都积攒了丰富的经验。在华盛顿进修了大学艺术课程以后,王老师在当地中文学校任职教授中文和美术课。王老师总是有很多新颖的创意,善于指导和激发孩子的想象力。

  Ms. Christine

     Ms. Christine started to dance when she was 4 years old. She learned various form of dance (Ballet, Chinese dance, Jazz Funk). She achieved level 3 certificate in vocational graded examination in dance: intermediate (Ballet) from Royal Academy of Dance, which is one of the professional level in ballet. She currently is a part time dance teacher at a studio in Seattle.


  Christine 老师在 4 岁时开始学习跳舞。 她学习了各种形式的舞蹈,其中包括芭蕾舞,中国舞,爵士乐。 她已达到了三级水平荣获舞蹈职业等级考试证书:皇家舞蹈学院中级(芭蕾舞),是芭蕾舞专业级别之一。 她目前还在大学学习,同时简直在西雅图一家工作室的兼职舞蹈老师以及在阳光育才教小朋友中文。