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Jr. Kindergarten


Junior Kindergarten Age: 4.5-6 years old 

  • Assigned textbook to guide child systematically learn different subjects

     指定教材帮助学生系统地 掌握不同学科的知识 

  • One to two level advanced academic learning help prepare your child for kindergarten and school success

    超 前一至两个年级的学习为将来入学后的自 信与成功做准备

  •  Daily small group, teacher guided lesson or activities and low ratio 1 : 8 

    每日小班教学,教师引导 进行相关课程及活动 

  • Similar homework system as elementary school homework system to school readiness 

    与公立小学 类似的回家作业系统为将来入学做准备

  • Daily bilingual learning environment 


  • The synchronous curriculum is with public kindergarten included physical education, geography, read loud and writing, etc.

    包括体育课,地理课,大声 朗读及写作课等在内的与公立幼稚园同步的课程 

  • Observation-based assessments that track your child's progress toward school readiness

     观察并跟 踪孩子成长进步的过程,为将来入学做好准备

  • Portfolios that document development through your child's work

    设置每个 学生作品档案

  • Paperwork reinforced learning and hands-on experiences are designed to boost problem solving and build fundamental knowledge 

    针对年龄设计的书面 及实践活动启发并促进幼儿对基本常识的掌 握及解决问题的能力

  • Effective teacher-family communication, included oral communication, weekly newsletter and biannual teacher-parent conference

    高效的教师-家长 沟通,包括口头,每周通讯及每半年的家长会