Program Details

Children learn in different ways; some learn from large group settings by watching, listening, and mimicking, while others learn from more intimate, small group, hands-on interactions. Some children are more visual learners, while others are more auditory learners, and still others prefer a more tactile approach. Some children thrive in a more structured environment while others prefer a more free-flowing or spontaneous learning experience. Please click the following information for a certain program that you would like to know more.

Also, we provide a morning snack and an afternoon snack for all children. We also provide some light snacks for children enrolled in our “before and after care” program. We believe a healthy body is a necessary component to a child’s learning. We, therefore, provide high quality, warm and nutritious snack that include all five food groups and exceed USDA guidelines. BSA doesn’t provide lunch, parent can sign up a catering service. Please see the food menu sample (PDF).